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One-2–one Training in your own home

Dive into a personalized journey of puppy training with our exclusive One-2-One Puppy Training service!

Picture this: a dedicated visit from us to your home, where we spend approximately 3 hours crafting a tailored training plan to fit you and your pup’s unique needs.

Using hands-on techniques and a commitment to positive reinforcement, we’ll guide you through essential commands like sit, stay, down, wait, leave it, food manners and much more.

But that’s just the beginning! We’ll also lay the groundwork for recall and leash manners, ensuring your pup is a polite and well-behaved companion.

Common puppy challenges like toilet training and jumping behaviour? Consider them addressed!

But the service doesn’t end there. Once our session concludes, we’ll send you a detailed report via WhatsApp, ensuring you have all the tools and insights needed to continue the training journey at home.

Embark on this transformative experience with us, and let’s pave the way for a lifetime of harmony and happiness with your furry companion.

Because a Well-Trained Pup is a Happy and Healthy Adult

€150 – Cavan based only – travel charge will apply for locations outside the main Cavan area

A travel charge may apply.


‘Play & Stay’ in our Dog Hotel

This is our unique Socialised Boarding – ‘Kennel Free – Stress Free’ located in the beautiful countryside of Cavan.

24 hour supervision in a Doggie Day-care setting located at our home ensuring all dogs are safe and well looked after.

Not just any boarding facility, we focus on fulfilling your dog’s needs through exercise socialisation and training ensuring all dogs are happy and content while away from home.

A Real Holiday for your Canines!

Many people also choose this service to help socialise their pups/dogs when they have no other means.

You may be on shift work so this service is ideal as we will socialise and exercise your dog while staying with us in our home. The perfect solution for the busy dog owner.

Socialised Boarding is a Home from Home boarding alternative to stressful Kennels, and we offer short and long stays too!
Because your dog deserves a holiday too!

A well socialised dog is a Balanced Dog

An Assessment is required prior to joining TDR

One day plus and overnight €40 to

Hotel Rates: includes all day play & Socialisation

1 Dog2 Dogs
1 Night€40€80 Total
7 Night€275€245 pd
10 Night€380€350 pd
14 Night€490€420 pd
*For Longer Stay Please Contact us for discounted Rates

‘Play & Stay & Train’

This service is an extension of our Socialised Boarding also known as ‘’Residential Training’’.

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