Adult Residential Training

Residential Dog Training is the ideal solution for your dog to learn skills in a fun and social environment. With a 2-hour handover lesson with you and your family at the end of this programme makes this an ideal solution for many.

Not everyone has the time to put into training their dogs and getting started and being consistent can be the hardest part. Lack of consistency is the number one reason people fail and often think they have a dog that won’t listen. Being consistent in life is the key to getting results, and training your dog is no different. Consistency and Patience makes the perfect duo! But we understand not everyone has this time – Residential Training could be the perfect solution.

This intense 7 Day a week training program combined with Socialisation helps to build a solid foundation for your dog. We can iron out any bad habits that may have developed and show you how to continue on at home. This programme once followed through has such positive results and we will go through in fine detail all the training with you, so you too have the confidence to follow through.

Because a Well Trained Dog is a Happy Dog!

We take the stress out of training by fast forwarding your training for you, giving your dog the absolute best start, and then providing you with a clear and easy training plan so you can spend more time together and feel confident taking your dog with you anywhere.

The best part about our residential training programmes, is that your dog comes to live with us in our family home whilst receiving daily training and socialisation.

We only take one dog in for this programme at a time and we provide a completely bespoke training programme too, transforming your dogs behaviour in as little as 2 weeks.

2 Weeks €1400
3 Weeks €2100

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