Having our own pack of 9 dogs and not liking the idea of going away and leaving our canine family behind to be locked up in Kennels… The Dog Ranch socialised boarding was born… Our dogs are a part of our family, and going away and leaving them in a place that didn’t mimic the socialised lifestyle our dogs where used to, didn’t seem natural to us. It was something we couldn’t bring ourselves to do.

Studying dog psychology for many years and with observing our own dogs we experienced how a well socialised dog is a happy and balanced dog. We witnessed how the younger pups would learn a lot faster and how much more fulfilled they were being part of a social environment.

With all this in mind we felt there was a need for boarding facilities to evolve in Ireland and every dog’s state of mind when parted from their owners needed to be addressed. Visiting kennels that had dogs separated for long periods in outdoor concrete runs with minimal human or canine interaction, we saw the frustration, anxiety and confusion dogs where experiencing. Dogs barking constantly, pacing back and forth from anxiety, whining & crying and some just huddled in a corner not knowing what was happening proved that the need for a safe supervised Socialised Boarding facility was there. A boarding facility that concentrated on the welfare of the dogs and their state of mind, making sure they are happy & content while their owner was away.

From then The Dog Ranch Socialised Boarding was born…

We decided to use our experience and take boarding to a whole new level. Socialised boarding means that all the dogs that stay with us interact with other doggie guests as well as our own happy dogs. We all become one big happy family. The day is full of activity and the evenings are chilled and homely.

All dogs sleep indoors in their own private Suite at night with under floor heating in our one of a kind Doggie Hotel which is located at our home.

With only 10 Suites we offer an exclusive stay, giving each dog plenty of one to one attention with us. Dogs stay in style & comfort and with 24 hour supervision your Canine will get the very best of care. The Dog Ranch is not a kennel but a stress free alternative to kennelling your dog.

At the Dog Ranch dogs are not kept in confinement and have the benefit of all day play & socialisation in Doggie Day-care resulting in a stress free and happy dog.

All dogs are professionally assessed by us prior to joining to ensure the safe running of The Dog Ranch. For more information on how to book your Dog in for their ASSESSMENT PLEASE CLICK HERE.

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