One 2 One Training

It is essential for owners to build a strong, loving relationship with their pets. At The Dog Ranch our training philosophy is based on mutual trust and respect with a balanced and motivational approach to training with a strong foundation in positive reinforcement.

Owners learn benevolent leadership and how to communicate positively and effectively with their dogs making training fun. So, whether you have a new puppy, an adolescent, adult or mature dog, we offer expert guidance through our convenient, affordable obedience sessions or privately in your home

Remember – your dog should be a source of great joy and companionship, not a source of frustration. So Let us help!

Remember – your dog should be a source of great joy and companionship, not a source of frustration. So Let us help!

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Your pups first year is very important.

Preparing your puppy for life in a domestic environment is essential if you and your puppy are to get the most out of your relationship

It is always very exciting when your new puppy arrives home but integrating a pup into a household is not always easy. The first weeks together will set the pattern for your pet’s behaviour in future years and will lay the foundation for the relationship between you.

One of the Most Important things you will do for your pup during his/her early life is Socialisation.
Puppies that are well socialised grow up to be friendly and happy with people and other animals, and make very successful family pets.

Under socialised pups can grow into adult dogs that may attack because they are afraid.

Well-socialized puppies grow up to be wonderful companions, whereas antisocial dogs are difficult, time-consuming, and potentially dangerous.

It is our responsibility as Dog Owners to educate ourselves and understand the psychological and emotional needs of our dogs.’Training’ your dog commands like sit, lie down roll over teaches great communication skills and can be very rewarding, but just a ‘trained’ dog is not necessarily a balanced dog.

Dogs are social animals that thrive on Companionship, Human and Canine.

Puppy School at The Dog ranch is a fantastic way to socialise your pup early so you can be sure he or she grows into a happy well behaved and balanced dog. We teach your pup how to play safely with other dogs in our Day-care programme promoting proper behaviour. Early socialisation and learning will avoid any problems that may arise later in life. Your pup will also learn the basic commands like sit and stay, no jumping and biting. We promote and reward proper behaviour so your pup gets to learn and socialise while having lots of fun…Giving your pup the best of everything.

Safety First

Pups must be up-to date with all vaccinations including Kennel Cough, be free from ticks and fleas and wormed regularly. Vaccination Cards must be presented on Consultation.

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